Collaborative Divorce


If you and your spouse are considering divorce, an alternative approach to traditional, court-focused litigation, is something called collaborative divorce. Attorneys and other professionals involved in the collaborative process have special training in negotiation and the collaborative process. The collaborative process itself keeps the parties out of the court system and provides a less stressful and less acrimonious environment for the parties in resolving their disagreements.

Parties who commit to the collaborative process have much greater control over the outcome of their divorce. The parties, through their collaboratively trained attorneys and professionals, resolves their issues themselves instead of having a judge make a final decision that affects their lives and the lives of their children.

All parties involved work together to make intelligent decisions after considering all relevant information and feed back from other financial experts, child experts, and mental heath professionals. During the process, each party will be represented by their own collaboratively trained attorney. The parties, the attorneys and the other experts will meet together throughout the collaborative process to help make the right decisions for the entire family.

There are many advantages to choosing a collaborative divorce. Experience has shown that agreements reached through the collaborative process are much more thought out and considered to be more “fair” than those reached through the traditional litigation process or imposed on the parties by a Judge. The Collaborative process is designed to give you more control over your future and to ensure a more positive outcome for you and your family.

Mr. Visco is a collaboratively trained and certified attorney and is a co-founder of the Bucks County Collaborative Law Group. He has tremendous experience in collaborative divorce and is an outspoken advocate for the collaborative process and its results.

If you are interested in the collaborative divorce process, please contact our office to schedule a meeting with Attorney Visco to discuss the process. Your spouse should be present at this meeting.

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