Criminal Defense


There are few things more serious than facing criminal charges. If not handled correctly, a criminal charge could result in incarceration, restrictions on your liberty, the loss of your driving privileges, significant fines, restitution and above all else – a criminal record which may stay with you for the rest of your life.

Attorney Visco knows the law. His career in criminal law began as an undercover vice and narcotics officer. He served as a decorated uniformed patrol officer. He worked as a prosecutor and excelled as a trial attorney. He served as a public defender and a professor of criminal law at Temple University. He brings with him a wide breadth of experience, knowledge and skill.

Attorney Visco has amassed an impressive record for outcomes favorable to his clients. He represents individuals in both Pennsylvania and New Jersey charged with felony and indictable offenses as well as misdemeanor, disorderly person offenses and summary violations.

If you have been charged with an offense, or even suspect you are about to be charged, the sooner you retain an attorney the better your chances are in minimizing the impact on your life.

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