Divorce Mediation


Divorce mediation offers a non-adversarial approach to resolving conflicts and aids in developing workable arrangements for you and your family. Mediation takes into consideration the needs of the whole family, understanding that even though the two parties can no longer continue to live together as husband and wife, they believe that each person is entitled to full respect as a person. Parties entering mediation do not have the mindset of “winning” over the other in terms of money and property but, rather, both parties’ desire is to ensure each parties’ needs are met.

If there are children involved, both parties acknowledge the fact that co-parenting continues even though they will no longer be married to each other. For divorcing parents, mediation is a chance to design schedules and parenting roles that reflect each families unique set of responsibilities and goals. Our highly trained staff can help the parties develop a new manner of communication as cooperative parents. Many couples who choose mediation over traditional divorce report an improved ability to parent together for the benefit of their children, therefore avoiding the all too common trap of putting the children in the middle of conflict.

Our goal, is to develop a positive environment necessary to resolve conflict and establish healthy boundaries for the entire family.

Mr. Visco is a certified divorce mediator with over ten years experience. He has successfully helped divorcing couples and families in conflict reach agreements on alimony, equitable distribution, custody, child support and related issues incident to divorce and separation.

If you are interested in meeting with Attorney Visco for Divorce or Family Mediation, contact our office to schedule a consultation. Both parties should be present at the consultation.

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