Family Law Litigation


Sometimes there are disputes between spouses, former spouses or co-parents which simply cannot be resolved by agreement. These cases must, therefore, be decided in Court by a judge through litigation and, ultimately, trial.

Trial litigation is complex, intense and adversarial. Rules of civil procedure must be strictly followed. Rules of evidence must be adhered to. All court pleadings must be filed in a specific manner, in a specific form, by a certain time, at a specific office and served on the other party within a certain amount of time and through a certain process.

Failure to follow the rules and adhere to the rules will often result in your claim being dismissed, an unfavorable ruling, or even sanctions against you.

If you are about to undergo litigation – whether for divorce, equitable distribution, custody, child or spousal support, or protection from abuse – you need an experienced and knowledgable attorney.

Attorney Visco has been litigating and trying cases for over ten years. He regularly appears before Judges of the Courts of Common Pleas in Pennsylvania, Superior Court Judges in New Jersey, as well as municipal and district court judges throughout both states. He has litigated or tried over one thousand cases. He knows the law. He knows the process. He knows how to get the best result or his client.

Don’t go in to Court unprepared. Make sure you hire an attorney who will fight to get you the best result.

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