Divorce Mediation

Quick. Cost-effective.

For couples who believe they can resolve their differences by reaching a mutual agreement.

Collaborative Divorce

Client focused. Intelligent. Creative.

A multi disciplinary approach driven by the clients’ goals and interests. No costly court appearances.

Family Law Litigation

Tough. Adversarial.

When reason and compromise won’t work and where evidence and persuasion prevail.

Pre & Post Nuptial Agreements

A contract. A solution.

Preparation and forethought to protect one another in the event of divorce.

Criminal Defense

A stigma. Imprisonment. Probation.

A conviction could change the course of your life.

DUI & Traffic Defense

Loss of license. Mandatory Penalties.

Driving Under the Influence is the single most frequently charged offense in both Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Don’t become another statistic.

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